Discover all ethical fashion in one place

Discover 澳洲幸运5开奖结果2024直播 澳洲幸运五开奖官网直播 体彩官方开奖结果查询 all ethical fashion in one place

We curate all brands and shops so you can easily browse sustainable clothing


We curate all brands and shops so you can easily browse sustainable clothing

At Project Cece you can choose what is important to you

At Project Cece you can choose from 5 sustainability filters: environmentally friendly, fair trade, vegan, produced in Europe, and good cause. By filtering on sustainability labels, you only shop the products that fit your values. It is also possible to filter on certificates and materials.

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Sustainability labels:

The environmentally friendly label is awarded by Project Cece when sustainable materials are used for the clothing and accessories. We also look at environmentally friendly production, such as water management and the use of hazardous chemicals.

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Sustainability labels:
Fair Trade

The fair trade label is awarded at Project Cece if the production process of the garment or accessory is done fairly. This means a good salary, safe and hygienic working conditions, normal working hours.

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Sustainability labels:
Good Cause

Some sustainable brands also want to give something extra back to the world. They plant trees, they support charities, they provide free training and health care to the communities where their products are produced, and sometimes they give away free products. These brands also receive the Good cause label.

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Sustainability labels:
Produced in Europe

At Project Cece we define local production as all production carried out within Europe. This means that your product does not have to travel as far before it hangs in your wardrobe, and that there is often (but certainly not always) better control of the working conditions.

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Sustainability labels:

The vegan label is awarded if the entire brand only produces using vegan materials. This means that no animal materials are used such as wool, silk or leather, and that no animal dyes are used.

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Over 300 brands & stores

Browse through all your favourite shops on one website. With our tech we make it easy.

Filter on sustainability and choose

All info on ethics and sustainability with every product. Filter on sustainability type and choose what you think is important ánd beautiful.

Support sustainable initiatives

Found your favourite? With every purchase you support sustainable shops directly! If every consumer buys fair, the fashion industry has to make a change.

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